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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decade Review. Disasters & Glee!

01 A wandering prodigal. I had a p/t seasonal job from a previous season. A permanent placement offer was on the table. Before 9/11 all that changed. I became Nanny to a family which visited NYC that August.

02 I picked up some supplemental hours at the old job and was released as Nanny. For a moment with the cushy job the plan had been to put money away for buying a house at around age 30.

02 Was the year I bought an ice cream maker and created delectable premium recipes with it.

03 God came calling and I said yes to Him.

04 Again a Nanny job ended, my car died then my coffee maker (ask me which I whined more about). Finally I lost my apartment.

05 With no transportation and a bit demoralized I was living back home with parents. To cheer myself up I started a little, online, local, homeschooling support group that is still going strong with over 300 families to date.

06 Early in February God confirmed that some where out there is a husband He wants me with. Then abruptly two weeks later my dad died unexpectedly in a car crash on his way to work. That summer my mother took me on vacation with her and gave me her car. That fall she evicted me. I ended up living with a friend of mine who has a mansion in El Macero a suburb of Davis for the winter. Did I mention the indoor pool? Ahahahaha

07 I got into my own place again and really wanted to move to NM but God said No… We gained and lost 3 kitties.

08 God gave L a dream and told me to put her in public school. (Crazy right?) We did Sly Park and moved 4 times.

09 I started @ Epic Bible college. We moved 4 times again the fourth of which L did not come with me. I ended up right where God wanted me and made friends with a teen age boy.

Last year I moved 4 more times (can you say "this gets old"?) and spent the summer in Rocklin while working downtown. It’s like He didn’t know I am not one for commuting. It killed my car. Waa

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