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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Am I the Problem Here?

So my daughter has a cell phone. Something I did not even want but had to get. Something her father was going to get for her. A friend we ended up couch surfing with gave my daughter her first phone. That one she dropped and dropped in the toilet etc.

Finally it was on it’s last legs so another friend of hers gave her a recycled one of the same model. That one wasn’t in great shape when she got it. She treats it about the same.

It is now as it approaches it’s last legs that she texts me while spending the night else where “Call me!” I call, she starts with all that has been wrong with her phone. I tell her I am not at all thinking about buying her a new one.

She calls me mean & selfish. I did just buy myself a new one so of course that makes sense…NOT.

Then she gets all upset because I never do anything for her. I won’t listen and just go along with her. Waa waa waaa

She ends by mentioning a dog where she is has chewed up her phone charger/cord and she needs a new one. Only after I mention the seeming non nonsensicalness of spending good money on a full price replacement piece for a phone that is on it’s last legs does she throw in that there is a discount place which would sell us one for less and that is really all she called to ask about.

So why not lead with the good parts is my only question. This information is what I needed to consider. We get off the phone.

Later I get a text from her saying another friend is about to get a new phone and would recycle the old one to my daughter if we need and want.

To date I have done nothing and I think things are fine. The dd has calmed down and the phone is still functioning. Someone else had an old charger to give her.

Somewhere in this all I think there is a message about depending on the wrong people as sources as well as about communication and how best to present a case to someone and get the reaction expected or preferred.

When will mine learn that I am not a sucker for hard luck cases?

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