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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bus Trials & Trails

Ok... so the other night I needed to catch a bus @ 5:45 that would get me to the front of my college by 5:54 for a 6pm night class. I live 5 minutes away by auto and got to the bus stop around 45 after the hour. My bus departed between 40 and 44 after apparently because I did not catch one until the next run half an hour later.

This morning, I rush out to again utilize the local public transit and step in some mucky mud. It got not just on my cute girly shoes but the bottom of my pant leg. ARGH

The days I wake up late it means I will be half an hour late for class because that is how often the bus runs but it takes me 12 to 15 minutes to walk so about the same difference. No way I can get there on time.

Do I need strength and endurance training for some reason to be seen in the near future? I know walking, which I do as much as riding, is good for me. Intense itching can occur if I don’t properly warm up??? or have on restrictive clothing some times. Other times I have walked double the length in heels with groceries and just felt the weight of the items I was carrying. Go figure.

The night that happened in fact...

A bus I needed to catch ran so late I missed the train to get to the last bus running by my house that evening. I could have walked to the train station but not by the time I realized the bus would not make it.

Friends say they are willing to give me a ride but no one goes out of their way to just include and involve me in their plans for the day so I can get to the bank or grocery store. I feel forgotten and forsaken. Is it that I just have to ask? I doubt it. Good thing I am able minded and able bodied. I don’t need much help 'cause ain’t much coming.

I am not complaining just explaining what it’s like. There are of course much worse things to have happening in one’s life. The night I missed the last bus as I trudged towards home loaded down I was praying and talking to God. Nothing else to do right? lol “I need some help.” I said.

As I came down the freeway over pass there was a pan handler. He noticed my plight. "Ma'am can I help you?" he asked. What the heck is he going to do… I was thinking. He gathered his stuff and carried a few of my bags all the way to my apartment complex at least a mile. Interesting…I was appreciative.

Some help and it’s what I got. I had been thinking I could flag down a passing motorist who seemed to be going in my direction. Getting help from a pan handler on the side of the road who turned out to live in the neighborhood next to mine. Yeah no was not on my radar...

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