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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tardy to the Party It's My Life

If the pursuit of your life is to be normal well then God bless you. The last time I checked no consensus could be found on what normal is yet getting there remains a lofty seemingly honorable goal. 

I will settle for being reasonably happy a majority of the time. As I have discovered and discussed on this blog I am NOT Type A. 

I am smart but I am not persnickety. I can pay attention to details without going over board.

One of the things keeping me happy is being able to dance to the beat of my own inner drummer and go at my own pace. I am a night owl who prefers staying in to getting out the door early. 

I really prefer all meetings and events to be scheduled after lunch. 2pm is a perfect time of day. Sadly some events just don’t fit on my perfect time line. 

Another thing that is a long standing issue with me which I have also shared here on the blog is that I can be (late) aka tardy to the party.

All this strolling along at my own pace often pays off in ways I could never have expected. Case in point this picture. 
That dark short figure is yours truly. The women above and behind me are the moms from the mom group I was in that was supposed to all meet at the same time for a photo shoot… 

That day worked my nerves. I am already brown. The last thing I wanted was a brown shirt. Then there was the idea of getting my hair and make up ready for a photo shoot that started earlier than I wanted to be there. Add to that the idea of arriving only to have to take off whatever shirt I was wearing and put on a t-shirt with a standard neck. EKE! 

I thought about wearing jeans but I wear brown so seldom that I was thinking khaki or tan for some reason. Many of our pictures only made the cutting room floor. I know much of that is normal. 

When I arrived the shoot was wrapping up. The photographer still needed some small group shots. That is how I was roped into the deal of being on display. In another life I could be a model.
In this one we need a step stool to get me fully above the fold. I wish I had the picture as an online file instead of just snap shots from the newspaper page that I keep. 

In memory of mi vida loca photo shoot.


  1. I like the idea of living life out loud. To me, that means embracing all kinds of experiences and making memorable moments. Somehow, I like meetings early in the day, although of late, I haven't been able to accomplish a lot early. You look great in that picture, by the way. Time to do a digital imaging of it so you never lose it.

    1. I definitely live out loud. It's fun! I agree it is about being open and versatile. Adventure is not for the uptight who want to always be in control. lol

      Once I am awake and out the door I am on point but I like to have my mornings to myself. Thanks for the compliments and suggestion.

      I wish I was more technical at times. I would love to take the fold out of the picture if I knew how...

      It would be nice to have a few more copies. I wanted to send one to my Mommy. Oh well as I continue to live there will be other opportunities.

  2. A night owl, I'm not, but I can certainly appreciate marching to your own inner drum beat.
    Loved the photos and, by the by, I don't wear brown well either, but for the reason that I'm pale-skinned and blue-eyed. Ugh! Brown clothes do nothing for me.
    Think you look great, though! :)

    1. Thank you! Each of us have things that do not suit us. Life is an equal opportunity annoyance at times. I try to find joy where I can. I am sure the other women were also glad when the shoot was over. They definitely fled the scene. lol