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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Two Three UGH

I almost dislike having to write this post. I am not sure it will help anyone. It should at least be entertaining in a sort of slightly morbid way.

I will go in ascending order with three icky stories I have heard about or experienced lately. We would like to all think we are wise or even a little bit savvy. No one wants to be taken advantage of or scammed. Still life just happens sometimes.

Recently I trading some items I was hoping to sell. Different deals came my way that were equally win-win with no cash exchanging hands so I took them. With the first one I did I gave away an item with accessories that I should have kept or charged extra for.

It was a silly over sight. It took me two weeks to realize what I had done. This was clearly my fault. The person I traded with either did not know any better either, thought I was being generous or just accepted my mistake. I guess I could ask her but it is not that big of a concern. Lessons learned. Check and double check the details of items you are trying to sell or trade.

Next I just heard about a woman who was scammed into paying the money for a real debt to a phony company. They contacted her about a debt she knew she had, saying they were a collections agency. I don’t know many of the other details to the story or if they offered her a discount. You can imagine the worst however. 

She paid them this time last year. She never got a receipt and now she is realizing that the company she owes money to not only never got paid but was never in business with the company that contacted her. YIKES

Maybe she missed some vital clues, a few extra phone calls might have been advises before forking over hard earned cash. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, didn't, it’s all water under the bridge now. The good news for her perhaps is that the shady company is already under investigation by authorities who have frozen their assets.

Lastly I just stumbled upon a landlord tenant horror story. A local man tried to give some people a break and rented them a piece of property he owns. Two years and legal troubles later the tenants are finally out. They had not been paying rent. There was drug use and inappropriateness going on at the residence. Squatters were residing there and the place is TRASHED not to mention severely damaged.

When things started to go downhill the landlord tried to be a hands on and deal with things. The tenants took out a restraining order against him. The nerve of some folks. I told him it sounds like the making of a great story. He said someone is already working on that. You heard it here first folks. Be careful out there. It is a dangerous world where people can take advantage of our ignorance and mistakes. 

Does this make you feel creepy? Does it make you more paranoid? Do you sigh in relief that none of these things have happened to you? Will you blog about it if they do or they did and you have not yet? Our stories help and warn others. Consider providing that small measure of community service.

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