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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sexy (Healthy) Food

The library offered an aphrodisiac foods information and tasting event. I signed up weeks ago!

Who does not love food? How much inspiration do we need to further see it as sexy? Just the act of eating can invigorate the senses.

Somehow I messed up when I was supposed to be where and missed the presentation. Arriving at the tail end I got a speed through explanation for all the offerings but also each of the samples. I am really liking this!

All Night Long Milkshake 
Bananas Avocado and Chocolate 

2 Cups cold Almond Milk 1 Cup Ice
1 Ripe Banana 
½ Of one Avocado 
2 Tablespoons Almond Butter 
2 Tablespoons Raw cacao powder 
1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds 
2 Tablespoons of Honey or more to taste 

Usually I dislike banana added to things. Usually I dislike avocados in total.

Chocolate! Almost everybody likes chocolate.

I would never have thought of putting them all together. It is delightful to discover what I don’t like in banana is cut with avocado and that banana makes avocado palatable. 

Further experimenting is necessary.

There were more samples of food items. 

Bread with oil, raspberries stuffed with a chocolate cream of some sort and gingerbread. Oh I wish I had that recipe it was delish! 

It looked like chocolate cake or I would not have tasted it. I am not sure there was chocolate in it to give it such a rich color of if that might have just been molasses.

The last sampling the presenters left us with was for a take home project. We got little tiny mason jars and were instructed to fill them with options on the table. 

We were making a hot cocoa mix. Laid out before us was powdered sugar and powdered cocoa. The ratio for the base mix is one and a half portions sugar to one portion powdered cocoa. 

There were spices on hand and on the pamphlet that we were encouraged to mix in.
Chili Powder 
Bitter Sweet or Dark Chocolate

I opted out of add ins since I add spices to my home brewed coffee and I like my cocoa more of a pure chocolaty experience. I can’t wait to heat up some milk and try this mixture out. 

I have also turned away from the general hot cocoa mixes that can be found at regular grocery stores but once in a while I miss them. It will be nice to have a recipe I can whip up on my own.

The over all presentation was educational and not just sensory although arriving late had me focusing on the samples. 

The presenters looked into and shared with us reasons for certain foods being on the aphrodisiac list. Many are stimulants that increase blood flow. Some just taste yummy.

Others are a little messy which can be fun in a variety of ways. Natural foods keep us healthy and vibrant which is also important too when it comes to fun and reproduction.

Another concept that came up is that the mind is a large part of what makes us sexy. What we think influences how we feel.


  1. Yum! To be honest, food doesn't do it for me, as an aphrodisiac. Music? Yes. Wine? For sure. But food? Even chocolate food? Not so much. However, that milkshake looks divine, and we make our own hot cocoa around here all the time. Maybe I need to expand my horizons, a little bit. ;-)

    1. I don't get overly turned on by food either but I do love to eat. I figured it would be a fun sticky blog post to have up and I wanted to share the recipe it is really impressive considering my feelings on some of the ingredients. I love healthy things that also are fun to make and eat.