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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surviving My Life & School

My life has bounced me around to the Hagginwood area when I finally began to realize I might have to enroll in college. Silly me I thought this would curb the bouncing around. I found a new roommate who happened to live in the Foot Hill Farms area. I knew this was a sign that I should look into Epic then called Trinity.

My roommate turned out to be a meth addict. 2 months of that bounced me to the Meadow View Pocket area. I bounced to Antelope road where we lived for two months and then we lived off Kirkby* for 7.

Lily Mar for a few weeks, Greenholme about the same. Across the street on
Madison*, for a few weeks. Citrus Heights* and Granite bay* a few days each. Natomas for 6 months. Nowhere for a month. Rocklin for the summer and finally ended up back on my own, off Hillsdale close to Trinity, sans car.

Being car less is as miserable as being homeless and I can only be comforted in the fact that these dual disasters have not befallen me at once.

* Students, Alumni and former students included in this list.

I am not sure what all God wanted me to get out of both these adventures and all the schooling going on around them. Anyone knows that cramming in information at the rate it takes to graduate in less than half a decade is not really primely conducive for depth or even retention. Nomadic living due to other desperate circumstances can unorganize even a Felix or a Monk. It was very unsettling to say the least. Heaven only knows what will be next. I can be glad things are on pace and have not been hindered.

I know other people are dealing with things that I have or worse. I can look forward to the seemingly so ordinary things I have never had. Marriage, a house, a car I get to choose on my own, and some type of career or business.

We sincerely appreciate the friends and contacts that provided us safe harbor. I have had renters and house guests so I understand the adventure that represents. I was recounting in a note all the places the young one and I have lived since the upheaval of 04. It shapes out like a greater Sacramento map.

Makes me feel like I might never leave here which is fine since there is no place I really want to go. If it were up to me I would have bypassed both legs of this journey. People are so busy off in their various directions. I wonder what it is really all about. Nothing really stands out yet.

I like to look at it as on the job training in the trenches. I know living through some things have honed my gift of discernment and talents for human administration.

I spent two whole days attending middle school. It was almost as harrowing but it's our right as parents to show our faces in the schools we send our kids to.

If I have seemed to be in shock or walked around a little traumatized well oh well. I wouldn’t wish what we have gone through on even someone who thinks them self to be my worst enemy.

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