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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 Tips For a Great Blog

I was chastised for posting about the annoying things that bloggers do. 

It reminded me that I have never made a post concerning good things bloggers habits. 

I guess I assumed being a late comer that I had nothing to say that had not been said. 

There is truth to that.

The fun however is that new bloggers happen all the time. More established bloggers get into bad habits, need to learn new things and might not be thinking the things that could help them get over the next hump. 

So here is my offering. Take what you need. 

1) Link to a specific post. When sharing your writing provide the link to a specific post not just the home page of your blog. 

This way anytime someone clicks on the link they see exactly what you wanted to share. Usually the link will include the post title not just a .com

2) No excuses, less explanations. Only apologize if you miss quoted a fact or need to edit something you produced. 

If you have not posted in a while just tell us what is new. If you feel bad do better.

I learned this lesson on Twitter. I used to apologize all the time for neglecting my followers.

3) Post regularly and or often. 

This doesn't mean daily. Month long challenges are fun.

Still there is no requirement for the average small time blogger to churn out product at a blistering pace. Life takes time. 

So does art. Not everyone gets online every day as weird as that might seem. Give them time to catch up.

4) It is ok to be eclectic. Your readers like more than one thing. Even a serious niche blog can benefit from a non related post.

5) Experiment with different types of posts. In my experience readership seems to drop off on the weekends. 

Take advantage of this by relaxing, not posting or trying out different styles of posts. 

How many can you think of? 

Personal narrative       
Review a Movie/Book/Music
Share a Poem 
Write a Fiction Story
Photo Only 

6) Visit the sites of your commenters.

7) Join a few blogging communities. You can find some via the buttons on both sides of this blog. Most of mine are on Facebook.

8) Use pictures. You can take them yourself, get them for free or pay for images. They can be real, cartoon, art or even just color. They add depth to your posts.

9) Share your blog regularly but respectfully. There are ways to auto submit new posts to certain social media platforms. 

This can be helpful but it is no substitute for putting in the work of connecting. You can sign up with Networked Blogs.

10) Be real. We are glad you have begun the blogging journey. We want to get to know you. 

*BONUS: Smile

If people can hear a smile when you talk what do you think happens when you are contented with your work?


  1. Great list, thank for sharing!
    Resharing on G+

  2. Super list- How does one join the Bloggers Network you're a part of? I had not heard of it until your blog....I have no idea if my blog is successful but it does make me happy- so I guess that is a success in itself. :)

    1. Click the button and it will take you to their Facebook page. Either it is open and you just join or you have to wait to be approved. Either way it should not take long and is very easy.

  3. Thanks for a great list (and reminder!).

    1. I do what I can. I know we all get in a slump and it is easy to forget how much we know and maybe learned the hard way. lol

  4. Great post, lots of tips Thank you for sharing,

  5. Thanks for sharing this with me. Great tips.